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The following was taken from the Secretary of State’s website.

Due to the lack of a state budget, the Secretary of State's office is suspending the mailing of vehicle registration renewal reminder notices. By suspending this service, which will save approximately $450,000 per month, the office will be able to prolong the ability to mail vehicle registration renewal stickers, titles and license plates to vehicle owners for a few months longer before the postage account is depleted. Vehicle owners are encouraged to be mindful of their vehicle registration status. Motorists can sign up to receive reminder notices electronically by email.

Please thank Angelo Gutierrez for bring this fact to the attention of our Shires residents.

The Shires of Inverness - Illinois 60067
​Bulletin Board    
Replacing “Mullins”

Residents can order Anderson window mullions (grills) replacements
from Home Depot - Windows & Doors Department.
Owner cost will depend on size

825 East Dundee Road
Palatine, IL 60074

Measure the "window glass" only and note the number
of openings on the current mullion (grill). 
Taking a photo would be helpful.

Probably the current mullion (grill) is 1/2" pieces.
  They only have 3/4" pieces now.

       2018 Alternative Dates for Garbage Pickup

                           Holiday                                       Garbage pickup
         Memorial Day - Monday , May 28                   Friday, June 1
   Independence Day - Wednesday, July 4              Friday, July 6
            Labor Day - Monday, Sept 3                        Friday, Sept 7
          Thanksgiving  - Thursday, Nov .22                Friday, Nov.23
              Christmas  Tuesday, Dec. 25                     Friday, Dec. 28
Future Shredding and Recycling Events

Shredding Day - Saturday, September 8 from 9:00 am to 11:00 am
                   Palatine Township parking lot.

Electronic Recycling - Saturday, October 6 from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon
                   Palatine Township parking lot

NEW !!  NCH Outpatient Care Center 
to open at Harper College sometime in August.
This center will include a: 
               1. Primary Care Unit             2. Urgent Care   
               3. Laboratory Services          4. Occupational wellness 
               5. Physical Therapy              6. Imaging

This info will be undated when the Center does open.
This facility will be located in building M - Health & Recreation Center